September 20, 2015

Beachroad Magazine meet up with Phil McGovern co owner of WSF Creative in 2014 following 3 years successfully creating and managing a content and social agency from the ground up. The creator of, ex-publisher of EVO Middle East and Automart, WSF Creative became Phil's new challenge amongst other things.


Following an exciting introduction to Porsche life via a Family member, He started the slippy slope towards an automotive addiction of collecting Porsche, VW's and Jaguars with his partner in crime; His Dad.. below Phil shows us some of his rides...


Phil answers the Beachroad Magazine Q&A //

NAME? // Phil McGovern. Unless I’m in trouble and then it’s Philip.

YOUR FIRST JOB? // Driver for a VW parts specialist.

YOUR CURRENT OCCUPATION? // Good question. I currently run my own automotive focused content and communication company. Trying to do what turns me on every day.

YOUR GREATEST LOVE? // My partner in crime and best friend, Emma McGovern.

YOUR GREATEST FEAR? // Oddly, the underside of boats.

WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST MEMORY? // Sitting on communal park swings on a housing camp in Saudi Arabia.

WHO IS YOUR ROLE MODEL AND WHY? // My Grandad on my Mums side of the family. He was from a Sheffield steel town family, who believed in his own convictions and undertook the first management buyout in British business history.


WHAT WAS THE LAST GIFT YOU GAVE SOMEONE? // I took my wife to Los Angeles without our kids.

IF YOU WERE 80 YEARS OLD, WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR CHILDREN? // Believe in your instincts and subconscious. Dream big and do. No questions.

YOUR WORST TRAIT? // I’m a squirrel. It can be seen as good and bad.

THE WORST TRAIT IN OTHERS THAT GETS YOU MAD? // Anyone that is two faced and doesn’t believe in a collaborative approach being the best way forward. Too many people are in it for their own pocket and driven by the wrong things.

WHO WOULD PLAY YOUR ROLE IN A MOVIE? // God knows. I reckon Jason Segel would rock it

FAVOURITE MUSIC? // To be honest I’ve never really had a specific genre that turns me on. If it gets into my brain it’s a win.


FAVOURITE BOOK? // The Diary of Adrian Mole.

LAST BOOK YOU BOUGHT? // Revolution by Russell Brand.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? // Doing the right thing, with the right people, for the right reason.

THE CLOSEST YOU HAVE COME TO DEATH? // Thankfully I’ve not faced that concern.

FAVOURITE DESTINATION? // A cheeky little beach house on the west coast of Koh Samui.


HOW DO YOU RELAX? // Usually behind the wheel of a car, with nowhere in particular to go.

WHY DUBAI? // My initial reason for moving to Dubai was to return to the Middle East after many years being brought up in the region.

ARE YOU SPORTY? // I used to be – very much so. If you can now call driving spiritedly sporting, then yes.


URBAN OR RURAL? // Rural. Always!

CATS OR DOGS? // Cats.

COFFEE OR TEA? // Depends on the mood. If I need a kick start, coffee. If I want to chill out and relax, tea.

WHAT YOU MAKES YOU LAUGH? // Situational comedy.

WHAT MAKES YOU CRY? // Bereavement, loss or personal pain.

YOUR MESSAGE? // When everyone around you is looking left. Try going right. You never know what might happen. 




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