February 02, 2018

Beachroad Magazine catches up with Chris Callow who shares his tips on where to head around Williamsburg, a neighbourhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. There is far more to NYC than Times Square!

As well as being a VFX (Visual Effects) compositor working in television, commercials and film, Chris is an avid photographer with a wanderlust. Chris provides work for feature films, high end commercials, promo's for ITV’s The X Factor, Canon Photography, Virgin Trains and the successful Direct Line campaign featuring Hollywood star Harvey Keitel.
He is currently leading the VFX team on the stop motion feature Chuck Steel : Night of the Trampires due for release in cinemas 2017.


Chris gives Beachroad Magazine 5 tips to check out in the real NYC. //

Go have a drink in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 
No end of great bars from dives, cocktail lounges and beer bars/halls. Top choices would be Skinny Dennis, a honky tonk saloon style bar with great live music on weekends, huge bourbon mint teas and my wife’s favourite drink “The Coffee Thing”, an iced coffee and brandy mix topped with a shot of Evan Williams bourbon and coffee granules. Lucky Dog, a dog friendly dive with a great beer selection and great outdoor patio area. Duff’s Brooklyn, a heavy metal bar in South Williamsburg with a great jukebox, cheap drinks and friendly service. Do as I did, drink, drink some more, fall off your stool, drink some more.

Skinny Dennis, 152 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Lucky Dog Brooklyn, 303 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Duffs, 168 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Peter Pans Bakery in Greenpoint. 
Was recommended this place while in Brooklyn and for sweet treats it did not disappoint, so much so my wife sent me out before 6am the following day to get her a selection of red velvet donuts and cinnamon buns. It’s opening hours of 4.30am to 8pm and prices of a dollar a donut are a testament to its popularity and quality.

Peter Pans Bakery, 727 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222.


Rudy's Bar and Grill in Hells Kitchen. 
My new favourite dive bar in Manhattan, a quick 2 blocks west from Times Square located in Hells Kitchen. Cheap beer, good jukebox and free tasty hotdogs with every drinks purchase. Simple as that.

Rudy's Bar & Grill, 627 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036.

Sunshine Laundromat in Greenpoint. // 
If you need to do some laundry and wanna kill some time drinking a beer and playing pinball, check this place out in Greenpoint. Not hugely obvious as first but if you walk to the back of the place, past the people doing their laundry there is a door made from the front of large washing machine that will take you to a cool bar and pinball hall. Amazing beer selection too.

Sunshine Laundromat, 860 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

Beauty & Essex, the Lower East Side. 
Enter through a pawn shop in the Lower East Side and head past the guitars, jewellery and American sports memorabilia to the back of the store where your escorted into a huge and stylish bar and restaurant. The onus here is on high end cooking and great cocktails with a dance club kind of vibe and it’s definitely a place where people dress up and come to be seen. Couldn’t fault the braised short rib, lobster tacos, scallop risotto and the whisky cocktails. Great service also. Girls get free bubbly in the ladies room. 

Beauty & Essex, 146 Essex St, New York, NY 10002.


Chris answers the Beachroad Magazine Q&A. //

NAME? // Chris Callow.

YOUR FIRST JOB? // Worked in a Newsagents selling cigarettes, lottery tickets and adult mags.


YOUR GREATEST LOVE? // Gotta be the wife but beer comes a close second.

YOUR GREATEST FEAR? // Having to deal with a satanic possession.

WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST MEMORY? // Mostly vague blurry images.

WHO IS YOUR ROLE MODEL AND WHY? // My mother for her inability to moan when life can get very tough.

IF YOU COULD HAVE A MEAL WITH ANYONE ALIVE OR DEAD WHO WOULD IT BE? // Skip the meal and I’d go for a drinking sesh with both (deceased) Grandads.

WHAT IS THE LAST GIFT YOU GAVE SOMEONE? // Twenty quid to my niece.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE CHILDREN? // Put down the electronic devices/smartphones/tablets. For now anyway.

YOUR WORST TRAIT? // Like a little flutter on the bandits.

THE WORST TRAIT IN OTHERS THAT GETS YOU MAD? // Self-absorption and the inability to listen.

WHO WOULD PLAY YOU IN A MOVIE? // Justin Timberlake.

5 ESSENTIALS YOU COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT ON A ROADTRIP? // Camera / Wife and an actual map (not on a smartphone), Money & Moisturiser.

WHICH OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS YOU HAVE SHOT IS YOUR FAVOURITE? // I think maybe the store fronts with the underside of the Williamsburg bridge in shot.

FAVOURITE MUSIC? // Rock n Roll.

LAST RECORD YOU BOUGHT? // Mars Red Sky - Apex III (Praise For The Burning Soul).
FAVOURITE BOOK? // The Art of Drew Struzan.

LAST BOOK YOU BOUGHT? // NY through a lens - Vivienne Gucwa.

THE CLOSEST YOU HAVE COME TO DEATH? // Almost drowning off the coast of Portugal.


LEAST FAVOURITE DESTINATION? // I need to check it out again maybe, but Berlin didn’t quite live up to the hype I had from friends who had been there.

HOW DO YOU RELAX? // Watching Rugby / Beers and chinwagging.

ARE YOU SPORTY? // Yes and No.

URBAN OR RURAL? // That’s a real tough one.

CATS OR DOGS? // Dogs.

COFFEE OR TEA? // Coffee. Black. Strong.

WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH? // Everything.

WHATS MAKES YOU CRY? // The end of King Kong.

YOUR MESSAGE? // Get on with it.


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