September 09, 2015

Beachroad meet up with Krystle who runs the vibrant Parkhouse Cafe on Kite Beach.

Hi Krystle, its another sunny day here AT THE BEACH...  why did you choose this location for Parkhouse?  //  
The beach is so lovely and now with the skate park here, it’s such a nice family environment. If you want a really yummy ice cream, or good Mexican or burger this is the place. 

Where else do you rate for food and drink?//
I love the Madinat…. I love the Belgium beer café, the beer is tasty and the service is always great, like always. .

Any events planned at Parkhouse?
No event’s coming up, we have been too busy at the moment opening Park House in Al Barsha pond park which has been a huge success. We have also have a new head chef on board so working on new recipes for the next season.

NAME? // Krystle.

YOUR FIRST JOB? // Work experience in a hairdressers which then turned into a job.

YOUR CURRENT OCCUPATION? // Manager at a beach café.

YOUR GREATEST LOVE? // My husband.

YOUR GREATEST FEAR? // Heights, oh and big spiders, cockroaches, really any creepy crawlies.

WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST MEMORY? // Hmmmm, I remember when I was about 3, a German Shepard named Boozer use to come and knock me off my feet and I would yell “No Boozer, No! my mum thought it was hilarious.

WHO IS YOUR ROLE MODEL AND WHY? // Probably my mum, as she is the most amazing human with the biggest heart, I just love her!

WHAT WAS THE LAST GIFT YOU GAVE SOMEONE? // I took my friend to have her hair and makeup done for her birthday. She looked just beautiful.

IF YOU WERE 80 YEARS OLD, WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR CHILDREN? // To try everything once, travel, love and laugh as much as you can, try not to worry what other people think of you, as the people who love you will never judge you.

YOUR WORST TRAIT? // I am indecisive, and I procrastinate.

THE WORST TRAIT IN OTHERS THAT GETS YOU MAD? // Maybe selfishness and lying.

WHO WOULD PLAY YOUR ROLE IN A MOVIE? // Oh I don’t know, someone fabulous….I’ve really no idea, but they would have to be hilarious as I think am sooo funny.

FAVOURITE MUSIC? // I love all sorts of music and it really depends on what mood I’m in, today it’s some old skool so Marvin Gaye, Solomon Burke, Al Green, The Supremes, Otis Redding. But I really do love all types. I have an eclectic mix on my iPod.

LAST RECORD YOU BOUGHT? // I think it was Jason Derulo – Want to want me. That song just gets stuck in my head, and it’s fun to dance along to when I am running at night, yes I get strange looks.

FAVOURITE BOOK? // I love chick-lit, but I also love auto-biography’s. I don’t think I have a favourite, just lots of books I enjoy.

LAST BOOK YOU BOUGHT? // It was a Marian Keys book – The woman who stole my life. I usually love her but I was not a fan of this book.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? // My Husband, he’s awesome and he has great ideas and you can’t not be inspired when he speaks, but my family and friends inspire me every day.

THE CLOSEST YOU HAVE COME TO DEATH? // I haven’t yet…Touching a whole lotta wood here.

FAVOURITE DESTINATION? // I love love love Paris as cliché as that sounds, I love Lake Tahoe, Iceland, Berlin, Cape Town, Hawaii ahhh there’s too many. Oh and New Zealand, Byron Bay. Bath in the UK. Bruges is beautiful at Christmas time, New York is incredible, Washington DC is lovely.. Ok I love so many places, the more I visit the more I love.


HOW DO YOU RELAX? // Hang out with the hubby or my friends, read, watch movies.

YOUR DUBAI? // Enjoy and experience everything I can while I’m here. I’m only here for a short time so I have to make the most of it.

ARE YOU SPORTY? // No, wish I was.


URBAN OR RURAL? // Ah both.

CATS OR DOGS? // Absolutely both, I would like to have a farm just for rescued animals. I love them all.

COFFEE OR TEA? // Neither, don’t really get down with hot drinks.

WHAT YOU MAKES YOU LAUGH? // My husband and friends as we all laugh at the same stuff.

WHAT MAKES YOU CRY? //  Seeing animal cruelty, movies, I can pretty much cry at anything remotely sad.

YOUR MESSAGE? // To do what makes you happy and be kind to animals. 


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