August 16, 2016

Beachroad Magazine meets up with Klaudia Ziemnicka at one of the Beachroads most popular restaurants The Hamptons Cafe a ‘Boutique Café’ inspired by the heritage & lifestyle of the Hamptons region of New York, a place renowned for its natural beauty, fertile lands, home grown produce & bounty from the abundant sea.

Hi Klaudia where do you like to eat, shop and socialise in our community?

Well for me Jumeirah has it all … an amazing beach, various restaurants, great sports facilities and great boutique style shopping. Personally I like the vibe of this area, you can find all ages living and working in Jumeirah but everyone will find something special for themselves.

I am big fan of running and I couldn’t be happier with our running tracks along Jumeirah Beach. My friends and I always get together for a good game of volleyball on Kite Beach, the facilities are awesome.
Jumeirah has plenty of Juice bars and scrumptious healthy restaurants.



Photo by Amit Kar

What do you think about Dubai as a City and its rapid growth? //

I see Dubai as a cosmopolitan young vibrant city! I am really excited to witness how fast this small city is growing, it is magic. The competition in Dubai is high as we all know but if your business is successful you will always be busy and customers will always come back.The key to our success at Hamptons is the delicious food, ambiance, our team, and a great location. To get the full package is hard but I am confident we have it all.

What inspires you working at The Hamptons Cafe?

My joy is my job. I have worked in The Hamptons Cafe for over a year now but it always make me happy to step in to this beautiful villa ! The surroundings of The Hamptons Cafe give me an energy throughout the day. Despite the beautiful interior I have to say I have an amazing team, we work together really well as one big family. As we know this industry is not easy but I believe we should challenge ourselves everyday, push to become better and better.  I am big believer in “One team one Dream”.

What makes The Hamptons Cafe different to other venues on Beachroad?

From the outdoor seating to the vintage car stylishly parked outside, The Hamptons Cafe begs to be explored. And then, there is the dead giveaway – weekend queues! Would you queue for breakfast? The guests at our venue certainly do…

Our restaurant is a special place, from the moment that you walk in you will experience a warm feeling, we want you to relax in our Hamptonian style Villa and make you feel like at home. We also strongly believe in providing fresh and organic product to our clientele. 

Any future plans that you can share with us? //

Yes we have flew new ideas lined up. I am sure you will love it ! be patient and we will update you soon with some amazing news. There is only one project that I can officially confirm that we will open Hamptons Bakery soon as we are facing a huge demand for our freshly bake product.


Photo by Amit Kar



Photo by Amit Kar


Klaudia answers the Beachroad Magazine Q&A //

NAME? // Klaudia Ziemnicka.

YOUR FIRST JOB? // A waitress.

YOUR CURRENT OCCUPATION? // Restaurant manager at The Hamptons Cafe.

YOUR GREATEST LOVE? // Good food and fine wine.

YOUR GREATEST FEAR? // Losing someone I love.

DESCRIBE HAMPTONS IN 5 WORDS // Homely, Warm, Friendly, organic and fresh.

WHAT DOES DUBAI MEAN TO YOU? // A cosmopolitan City with amazing positive vibes !

YOUR FAVOURITE MEAL? // Our Organic Thai prawn noodle salad.

YOUR FAVOURITE CAR BRAND? // has to be Bentley.

WHAT WAS THE LAST GIFT YOU GAVE SOMEONE? // A diamond heart to my best friend in Vancouver.

IF YOU WERE 80 YEARS OLD WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR CHILDREN? // "Carpe Diem" Live your life to the fullest and travel as much as you can.

YOUR WORST TRAIT? // Overthinking certain situations.

THE WORST TRAIT IN OTHERS THAT GETS YOU MAD? // Sorry to say but it has to be people who lack common sense.

WHO WOULD PLAY YOUR PART IN A MOVIE? // Hmm …Maybe Baby from The movie Dirty Dancing.

FAVOURITE MUSIC? // Depends on my mood, could be anything.

LAST RECORD OR DOWNLOAD YOU BOUGHT? // Kelly Clarkson 'Piece by Piece'.

FAVOURITE BOOK? // Steve Jobs.

LAST BOOK YOU BOUGHT? // Alan Sugar “The way I see it”.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? // People that achieve success in their life who have started from scratch.



LEAST FAVOURITE DESTINATION? // Every destination is special in its own way.


WHY DUBAI? // For some new challenges in my life.

ARE YOU SPORTY? // I love any type of sporting activity.


URBAN OR RURAL? // I love both.

CATS OR DOGS? // Dogs.

COFFEE OR TEA? // Coffee.

WHAT MAKES YOU CRY? // Sad movies.

YOUR MESSAGE? // Join me at The Hamptons Cafe you wont regret it I promise!


Photo by Amit Kar



Photo by Amit Kar



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