July 13, 2016

Beachroad Magazine head to Stomping Ground in Jumeirah One to meet up with coffee aficionado and photographer Hind Mahmood, Her love of coffee is evident by her amazing Instagram account featuring stunning coffee images on her caffeine filled travels, we feature some of her work below photographed in Ratio's in Sharjah, Stomping Ground and The Espresso Lab in Jumeirah One and her recent trip to London and Scotland. Visit her Instagram page to see more beautiful images.


Hind Answers the Beachroad Magazine Q&A //

NAME? // Hind

YOUR FIRST JOB? // I worked part time at a bank. My job was customer service, more specifically customer service via phone.

YOUR CURRENT OCCUPATION? // Recent graduate, holding a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human services.

YOUR GREATEST FEAR? // Not being able to accomplish me dreams.

WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST MEMORY? // Cutting my brother’s fingers while cutting an orange for him. The amount of blood was unbelievable.

WHO IS YOUR ROLE MODEL AND WHY? // This might seem weird, but I do not think I have a role model. I kind of live in my own bubble, doing what I want and what I like. This does not mean I am not influenced or inspired by people; I simply do not have that one person to look up to. My dreams and goals guide me and motivate me.


WHAT WAS THE LAST GIFT YOU GAVE SOMEONE? // I am not going to specify something, but even if I wanted to I can’t. When I give a gift to someone important I pick the things I am giving because they remind me of the person or because I know that hey that’s something she/he would love!

IF YOU WERE 80 YEARS WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE? // As long as you are not hurting anyone, including yourself, do whatever suits you and makes you happy and at peace with yourself.

YOUR WORST TRAIT? // I have a few, but one of the really annoying traits I have is that I move from one subject to another without even realizing it. As for physical traits, definitely my nose.

WHO WOULD PLAY YOUR ROLE IN A MOVIE? // Anne Hathaway, I think she could play my personality accurately for some reason.

FAVOURITE MUSIC? // I do not have a favourite genre. I could be listening to rock, moving to indie and folk, switching to pop and ending it with Fairuz even! It all depends on my mood.

LAST RECORD YOU BOUGHT? // It was either Adele’s 25 or Coldplay’s A head full of dreams. I don’t remember which.


FAVOURITE BOOK? // I do not have a favourite. But the last book I read was The man who mistook his wife for a hat. I would recommend it for those interested in psychology and/or neuroscience. LAST BOOK YOU BOUGHT? // The man who mistook his wife for a hat.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? // Many things can inspire me. A photograph, a song, an adventure, a person. I live, I get inspired, I learn, I live more.

FAVOURITE DESTINATION? // I make the most out of the places I visit no matter what, but Europe as a whole is one hell of a continent. I would love to drive through Europe one day and experience it properly.

HOW DO YOU RELAX? // Coffee shops are a good place for me to chill and feel at peace. YOUR DUBAI? // My Dubai is defined in two ways for me, My Dubai when I’m on my own and my Dubai when I’m with friends. On my own it is all about the coffee, and with friends it is about the food, the places, the memories and experiences. In Dubai you can spend a day at the beach.

ARE YOU SPORTY? // Not at all, sadly.

BEACH OR DESERT? // Definitely the beach.

URBAN OR RURAL? // Urban with rural breaks perhaps.

CATS OR DOGS? // Cats, definitely. I’ve got four of them.

COFFEE OR TEA? // Coffee for sure. I’m not big on tea and I do not understand it much, but I have to say it does smell delicious.

WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH? // I’m considered very lame; I actually laugh at my own jokes. Also, cat and dog videos on Instagram are everything. Trust me.

WHAT MAKES YOU CRY? // I’m very emotional and yet at the same time I do not cry when I am expected to. I can easily start crying after a fight with my brother or best friend, but crying over someone’s death is hard for me for some reason.



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