December 22, 2016
Beachroad Magazine head to Bikers Cafe on Beachroad and meet George Mathew, founder of the UAE Dodge Club.

Beachroad Magazine head to Bikers Cafe on Beachroad and meet George Mathew, founder of the UAE Dodge Club. Started by a group of enthusiastic Dodge fanboys, the group has now evolved into an official club welcoming anybody in the UAE who owns a Dodge vehicle. Irrespective of what Dodge vehicle you own, from the modern muscle Challenger to the family sports car Charger, from the unique Nitro to the kingsize Durango, you are welcome to become part of the club. The group organise gatherings, Cruises, Parades and Track experiences followed by Community Events.

Their breakfast meeting at Biker Cafe brought a stunning array of Chargers and Challengers bathed in Dubai sunshine.
If you are interested in joining the club follow the links below to find out more :

Name? // George Mathew.

Occupation? //  Banker.

How long in Dubai? // 12 years in UAE.

Why Dodge? // Its the only true american car brand to still hold on to its retro and classic looks on its cars. It has power across all its models starting from dart or neon to viper. And yeah not to forget even the family 7 seater Durango runs on Hemi V8. 

What model / models do you own? // A 2012 Dodge Challenger RT Black/Yellow.

Any other rides? // None and if it has to be another ride then it would Dodge Ram Rebel for sure. 

Where would your dream roadtrip take you? // Drive my car along with my dodge buddies all over middle east to meet dodge brothers across the border.

Where is the best cruise route in the UAE? // Jebel Jais and Hatta Dam.

Why should someone own a Dodge? // Anyone who drives a Dodge can mould himself or herself to the car character itself. It has more then what you expect. The early morning classic american growl to the looks of it in your rear view mirror. 

How many members does the club have? // 112 registered dodge club members.

What would you say is the most popular model in the club ? //  The most popular and always seen car during the events and shows is Johnny Boy's matt blue Charger.





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